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One Simple Tip for Insulated Window Shades This Winter

Here's a quick tip from the Blind Designs team: Make sure to leave a small gap between your insulating window shades and your window sill in the winter.

Wondering why? Well, when you fully extend your insulating shades and their bottom edges stay in contact with your window sill, they form a complete barrier between the cold air outside your windows and the warm air inside your home. That might seem like a good thing, but it can actually create problems by trapping moisture between the windows and the shades. With the cold glass in your windows, that can lead to ice buildup. Long-term moisture and ice accumulation on your windows can create discoloration, damage wood, foster mold growth, and jump-start other problems. That's why it's best to take preventative action to keep that moisture and ice from building up in the first place!

Leaving your insulating shades up an inch or two from the sill allows air to circulate between the window and the shade. This effectively prevents moisture accumulation and its associated hazards for your home.

So make sure you implement this simple tip today. Keep your insulating shades up just a little when the outside temperature is below freezing, and you'll help keep your home safe!